12 Ways to Stress Less For The Holidays

Stress Free Holiday
1. Prepare food ahead of time

It’s a busy time of year and plenty of goodies are around, making it easy for us to grab something that may not be the healthiest choice. I find I do best when I plan my meals ahead for the week – or at least for the day. Even if you are planning on ordering food for delivery/take-out plan ahead so that you can choose something that will be yummy and nourishing and not just fast and easy. If you’re having a hard time resisting temptation or just want to start t…

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Sleep Audio

Struggling with insomnia or poor sleep quality? Dr. Valencia Porter shares a step-by-step progressive relaxation meditation to help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. This hypnotic technique uses progressive muscle relaxation and breathing to calm the mind and body for restful sleep. Follow along with the guided audio to melt away stress and anxiety and drift off to a restorative sleep.

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Top 7 Tips for Managing Stress

Struggling with stress and feeling over-whelmed?  Incorporate these 7 tips into your regular routine to get your body and mind back on track.

  1. Meditate.  Learn and practice a meditation or relaxation technique on a daily basis.  Breathe deeply.  As a start, check out my guided So Hum meditation.

  2. Exercise. Integrate flexibility, strength building, and cardiovascular activities into your daily routine.  Even if you can only fit in 15 minutes of walking, it is worth it.

  3. Eat well. Favor an anti-inflamma…

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