Why Detox Instead of Diet?

With the New Year comes new resolutions.  For many, that involves getting healthy and very often that translates into going on a diet.  But, what if I told you that going on a diet could potentially release stored toxins into your system that could make you feel bad, get sick and potentially even prevent you from losing weight?

That’s what happened to Christopher, a 32 year-old successful salesman who had put on 35 pounds since college.  Friendly and gregarious, he enjoyed celebrating his success…

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Cautions on Fasting

•Fat loss can trigger release of fat-bound toxins in the bloodstream, so it is important to clean and detox first before a weight loss/fat loss program.

•Detoxification processes require essential nutrients, vitamins and proteins, make sure you are adequately nourished before undergoing a fast.

•Ensure adequate hydration

•Ensure daily bowel movements

•Beware of juice fasts with hidden fruit juices as fructose puts strain on the liver

•Not everyone can do every type of diet.  Listen to your body.


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