Healing From the Inside Out and the Outside In

Our state of health is the result of our physical (genetic) makeup and our environment (physical, chemical, mental, social, spiritual)

Healing Foods

Focus on nourishing foods that support your health and the health of your microbiome while reducing exposure to pesticides, plastics, heavy metals and other substances that can block your health. 

Healing Practices

Mindset, stress management, and establishing a daily routine that supports your health and wellbeing is just as important as eating well. Also, discover what toxic exposures to avoid in the products you use.

Healing Community

Our individual choices not only help to heal ourselves, but can also help to heal our world. Set on a path to make conscious and inspired choices that make our planet a healthier place.

Resilient Health: How to Thrive in Our Toxic World

Are you facing a health challenge, chronic illness or are just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Your toxic environment may be to blame.

With more chemicals in the environment, changing climate and ecosystems, altered food resources, more sedentary and high-stress lifestyles, and the constant onslaught of online media it is no wonder that chronic health problems like diabetes, cancer, allergies, autoimmune conditions and other illnesses are on the rise.The good news is that we can reclaim our health – reducing our toxic load, getting to the root causes of illness, and restoring the body’s natural ability to heal.

In this clear, easy-to-understand guide, Dr. Valencia Porter shows you how to take charge of your health and become resilient in the face of our challenged environment. With a truly holistic and science-based approach, Resilient Health helps readers identify and manage toxins lurking in all areas of our lives including:

•Assessments, recipes and a menu plan

•Advice on nutritional supplements

•Fixes for your home and personal care products

•Tools to deal with mental and emotional toxicity and stress

•Resources to advocate for change in your community

Filled with inspiring stories of people who have transformed their health using these methods, Resilient Health is a handbook for the toxic age - giving you an action plan to make changes in your daily life to adapt and even thrive!

  • Valencia Porter

    “A Brillant book, a must read for anyone who wants to be healthier, Dr Porter writes about every aspect of our life and how we can achieve better health. She addresses the whole system, mind, body, spirit and environment and how to ensure balance and prevent toxicity. Dr Porter’s excellent and thorough information is practical and applicable along with her Ayurvedic approach makes this book the only one you need to be healthy, loved it!!!”

  • Valencia Porter

    “I cannot overstate how great the results in following the simple steps in this book have been”

  • Valencia Porter

    “Straight to the point, encouraging and powerful. Need I say more?”